When life threw me lemons

I made some lemonade!  We are authors in our own way, we make the choices that shape our lives One thing I've learned for the past year is that I hold little control of what happens in my life; No matter how much I try to be okay about it, I'm not. Well, it's human... Continue Reading →

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Alive, Alert, Awake, Enthusiastic

Yo AD's back in the game! So it's been a bumpy ride for me for the past year. I took my time to discover things about myself. I faced challenges in my life that I wasn't ready to share and it took a toll on me. I was in a situation where there were so... Continue Reading →

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Taking on Universal Studios Hollywood

Movies have always been a huge part of a person's life and these films change the course of how the world works in its own unique way. Universal Studios have always been keen on pushing the agenda of each generation and help change the landscape of society for the better. Seeing how the magic works... Continue Reading →

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5 things I hate about adulting

It's crazy how everything starts to feel like its gaining on you and you feel like shit because everyone around seems to have it all together. Then here you are looking at everyone else who has found their general direction in life. Do you feel like you have lost your way? Fear not, I think... Continue Reading →

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A flavorful Nico for Lays PH

So probably one of the best inventions of mankind is potato chips, and the one and only Lays have been giving us the best flavors and quality of chips. I have loved Lays for as long as I can remember and my most favorite is their barbeque flavored potato chips. I would always ask my... Continue Reading →

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