Suns out, Ray-Bans out! The hottest couple shades are in town!

Hey to all the couples there check this out because a new couple shades are here to bring the summer fun in! Ray-Ban boasts an impressive collection of timeless and modern designs that they’ve manage to refine over the years. It has shaped every person’s fashion wardrobe and has consistently been everyone’s go-to accessory to... Continue Reading →

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A Game of Thrones Viewing Party!!

So hello Game of Thrones fans!!! I know we've been waiting for this epic final season for about 2 years now and it only just begun!! For all you fanatics out there who wants to make this final season more memorable and grand you can watch Game of Thrones with your friends along with other... Continue Reading →

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Blogger’s night at Cable Car Clark

Life's full of surprises and little joys. So I got awesome news around October 24 and getting an invite for a blogger's night in Cable Car Clark and at first, I was hesitant because of the distance but I thought to myself this opportunity doesn't always knock on my door plus I'll be spending it... Continue Reading →

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When life threw me lemons

I made some lemonade!  We are authors in our own way, we make the choices that shape our lives One thing I've learned for the past year is that I hold little control of what happens in my life; No matter how much I try to be okay about it, I'm not. Well, it's human... Continue Reading →

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5 things I hate about adulting

It's crazy how everything starts to feel like its gaining on you and you feel like shit because everyone around seems to have it all together. Then here you are looking at everyone else who has found their general direction in life. Do you feel like you have lost your way? Fear not, I think... Continue Reading →

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