A flavorful Nico for Lays PH

So probably one of the best inventions of mankind is potato chips, and the one and only Lays have been giving us the best flavors and quality of chips. I have loved Lays for as long as I can remember and my most favorite is their barbeque flavored potato chips. I would always ask my parents and my grandparents to get me that bag every time we go on road trips and for the most of my field trips. Lays has always been my go-to snack when watching a movie especially it has a wide variety of flavors I could choose from. So aside from barbeque, I love sour cream, cheese, then its original flavor and the occasional honey barbeque so you see I really do love Lays.


So I have observed something with Lays, I have seen and been in the loop that the famous Nico Bolzico is convincing Lays PH to make him their new endorser.
To be honest I have seen it buzz on my feed so many times that it really got me curious. Alas! I have found proof that Nico is indeed vying for that precious title being the “endorser” of Lays in these crazy yet intriguing and wonderful photos with Lays being shown around. In my opinion, to be a Lays endorser you should be someone who is an avid fan of potato chips and that you have a very flavorful life and attitude. I believe that Nico is a perfect fit because as we all see he is a crazy fun person, from the reality show he and Solenn are doing together to all of his stories and videos afloat the world wide web. Given the supporting pieces of evidence of how our dear Nico Bolzico is bursting with flavors and energy, he should be given the title of a Lays PH endorser, in my perspective. But who knows right? Maybe my dear friend Nico is still lacking a few of the flavors that Lays PH is looking for in an endorser.




A picture is worth a thousand words so as you can see Nico has been so expressive and badly wants this! So help out our friend Nico attain his goal! Being a Lays endorser comes with a great responsibility of being a positive image for the greatest potato chips in the world. Lays has always been a part of our lives from when they started up until now and its flavors have given most of us comfort in heartbreaks and also during a fun vacation with family and friends. With Nico’s colorful and vibrant youth he would hopefully covet this title soon! Goodluck to our friend Nico Bolzico!


Lays PH better keep watch he might catch you by surprise.




And again always try to radiate happiness.


Best, Ian


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